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Allied Security Fence Hawaii's Fencing Specialists


  • Enclosures are often used for items that require extra security. Including AC units, generators, storage areas, dog kennels as well as trash bins.
  • Our Enclosures are custom built to protect your valuable equipment, tools and personal items.
  • We work closely with you to design and install a strong security enclosure that will deter and prevent thieves from destroying your property.
  • We can also provide scaled AutoCad drawings prior to building for your approval to ensure the best fit. Our Enclosures can be fully welded in our shop or installed in the field with fitting tack welded.
  • Enclosures can include a roof and/or slats for even more protection. And for those heavy duty Enclosures we can utilize our “Mini-mesh” chain link fabric or “Expanded Metal” to deter thieves even further.”

Focusing on the vast range of security needs for business of all types and sizes.

Catering to a higher level of security needs required by the military, private businesses and government agencies.

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