Allied Security Fence Hawaii Fencing Specialist
Allied Security Fence Hawaii's Fencing Specialists

Residential Chain Link

  • Allied Security Fence manufactures its own chain-link fabric, specifically designing it for Hawaii’s corrosive environment. Our PVC fabric has a galvanized core wire that is 4 times thicker than industry standards ensuring that your new fence will withstand the test of time! Perfect for home owners & businesses looking for added safety and security.

With Slats

  • Added privacy.
  • Allows for further customization. a variety of colors, styles & materials of slats are available.

With PVC

  • More durable and weather resistant than traditional galvanized chain link. ideal for hawaii’s weather.
  • Allows for further customization. a variety of colors are available.

Focusing on the vast range of security needs for business of all types and sizes.

Catering to a higher level of security needs required by the military, private businesses and government agencies.

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