Allied Security Fence Hawaii Fencing Specialist
Allied Security Fence Hawaii's Fencing Specialists

High Security Fences

  • When it comes to security, ALLIED SECURITY FENCE has all of your security fence needs covered. Our expertise in security fencing ranges from residential use to high-end government security. We work with you every step of the way to ensure the right fence is built for the right price.
  • Chain Link With Barbed Wire And Razor Wire.
    (Barbed wire and razor wire are for commercial, industrial, and government use only.)
  • High Security Wire Mesh And Expanded Metal.
  • High Security Ornamental Fences.
  • Bollards are short vertical posts that can be arranged to obstruct the passage of vehicles or to enclose car-free zones.
  • Barrier arms allow you to block vehicular access through a controlled point.
  • Turnstiles can be made to enforce one-way traffic of people and it can restrict passage only to people who insert a pass.

Focusing on the vast range of security needs for business of all types and sizes.

Catering to a higher level of security needs required by the military, private businesses and government agencies.

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